Sanitary Trim

Well, it’s a fact of life, and we all know that our dogs poop, pee, have heat cycles, and sit with their butts on dirt, mud, and just about anything else. Then, they sit on our laps, beds, sofas, and other areas around the house, spreading all kinds of germs and smell all over. That’s why a sanitary trim is so important so we can keep their bellies and backsides clean.

A sanitary trim, also known as “potty cuts” are essential for several reasons:

  • Bodily waste on your pets will pose a sanitary risk to your family. Remember, these wastes go everywhere that your dog goes, and dog feces contain a lot of bacteria that can cause serious diseases not only for your dog but family members.
  • Fecal mats, or the poop that sticks to your dogs’ hairs around his backside, can attract flies that will lay eggs, causing a maggot infestation on your dog and then infection. Worse yet, these fecal mats can block the anal area and even cause constipation.
  • Urine can also stick to the surrounding hair causing skin irritations and infection as well as unpleasant odors. This urine scent can spread all over your house.
  • If you have an unspayed female, blood from when they are in heat can be extremely messy, and it’s a challenge to keep it clean and sanitary, so cutting this hair would eliminate this problem.

A good sanitary trim will keep your dog’s belly and backside clean and also allow for adequate ventilation in these areas. With our specialized grooming tools, we can carefully remove these hairs so that they do not cause any problems for your dog, leaving them clean and happy. At Top Dog Groomers Kenya, we are very experienced with handling these sensitive areas on your dog, so book an appointment with us for the best dog sanitary trim in Kenya.