Nail Trim

Why Cutting Your Dogs Nails Is Important

Most people think that their dog’s nails trim down by themselves and that it’s not an issue if they grow too long; however, this can cause many problems for your dog.  It is essential to keep an eye on your dog’s nail length, and here are some excellent reasons.

  • Long nails will press up against the toe when your dog walks. The long nails put pressure on the small toe joints of your dog while he walks, which causes soreness and, in the long run, can lead to a worst-case scenario like osteoarthritis.
  • A dog’s nails are formed to point slightly towards the ground so it can flex its toes to grip surfaces and avoid slipping. When a dogs nails are too long, they start to point further and further forward.  This overloads the toe tendons causing them to stretch too far.  Over time, this causes problems like injuries and inflammation, making them less flexible.  They also have less ability to claw, which may cause them to slip more easily.
  • Long nails can cause reduced traction, deformed feet, splayed feet, and injured tendons.
  • Long nails compromise your dog’s weight distribution and natural alignment, making them more susceptible to injuries and making walking and running painful and more difficult. It also affects their posture.
  • Long nails can curl around and start ingrowing, causing infection and is very painful for your dog. Ingrown nails can also cut the dog’s paw pads causing further infection.
  • Long nails can get caught on fabrics, carpets, or furniture. The outer enamel of the nail can be damaged if the dog tries to pry its foot away when snagged.  This can expose the quick or the inside of the nail, and once exposed; it can be open to more injury and infection.  Nails that snag easily can cause fractures, ruptures, or even soft tissue injuries in the toes.
  • Long nails also mean several scratches on you when you play with them or even when they play with other dogs. It’s essential to keep their nails trimmed so that you can enjoy playtime with them and so they can play safely with other dogs without causing them injuries.
  • It is important to remember that some dogs’ nails grow faster than others, and in general, you can tell that your dog’s nails need cutting when you can hear them click when they walk on a wood or tile floor. Keep in mind that all dogs need at least a monthly trim.

Here are some benefits of letting Top Dog Groomers Kenya Nail-Trim Service:

  • Safety: Many dog owners may not know how to clip their dog’s nails without cutting the blood vessels, which can be very painful for your dog. With our vast experience in cutting dogs’ nails, we know how to cut them right without hitting any blood vessels.
  • Right Grooming Tools: You cannot use just any old tool to cut your dog’s nails, including a human nail clipper, as you might cut them the wrong way. We use the latest professional grooming tools, including specialized nail clippers made for cutting dog nails in a perfect size.
  • Stress-Free Grooming: Dog nail trimming is not easy, especially if your dog gets frisky or doesn’t allow you to trim them and so it’s best to allow professionals to handle the job as we know all the tricks to calm your dog when trimming their nails.
  • Avoid frustration: Instead of dealing with the frustrating, overwhelming, or time-consuming process of trying to cut your dog’s nails, allow us to groom their nails for them here at Top Dog Groomers Kenya and contact us to schedule your appointment.