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We have been grooming for many years now and we love every part of our job! We provide a very warm and friendly environment for your pets. Our professional team made sure your pet always gets the highest level of care, because we treat all pets as if they were our own!

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Mobile Groomers

The best dog groomers that come to you in the comfort of your own home.

Professional Work

Our groomers are highly skilled in working with dogs of all breeds and sizes using only high-grade professional equipment.

Passionate Dog Lovers

We absolutely love doggos! Your doggo will be treated as if he were our own with all the love and attention they deserve!

Our Services


Nail Trim

Cutting your pet’s nails can be a difficult process. Let us help!

Blow Dry & Coat Trim

Our team of professional pet hair stylists will make your doggo look like a star!


Matted hair can be very painful. We use professional dog grooming tools to remove this matted fur.

Bath / Medicated Bath

From a regular bath to a medicated bath, we use the correct shampoos necessary for your dog’s personalized needs.

Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning is a delicate but important process for your dog’s ear health.

Sanitary Trim

Keeping your pet’s privates clean is important to avoid infections and bacterial buildup

Our Team

Gabriel Mburu Gitau
Gabriel Mburu Gitau
Senior Dog Groomer
Arguably the best dog groomer in Kenya. His superior skills and handling of dogs ensures you get the best quality groom for your dog!
Margaret Gathoni Muchina
Margaret Gathoni Muchina
Office Administrator
More than just an office administrator! Without her, our office couldn’t function!
George Gichane Wanjiru
George Gichane Wanjiru
A passionate dog groomer who loves dogs and the dogs love him back!

Our Shop

Ciiku Thini

Great job you do guys, I never knew such service exist in Kenya, thanks a lot Top Dog Groomers, going to have you visit soon

Ciiku Thini
Jane Alala

I used your services for the first time today and I was very pleased. My dog looks so much better as I was unable to handle the long hair. Now I do not mind if she jumps on me as she will not claw me with her long nails. I will recommend your services to anyone looking for a dog groomer. I will definitely use your services again in future.

Jane Alala
Heather Dunkerton Schneider

Gabriel and his assistant were great with my dog. He was a mess because of the rainy season. They come to your house and use whatever space is best. Great work guys!

Heather Dunkerton Schneider