Blow Dry & Coat Trim


When it comes to a professional blow-dry and cut, the level of experience we deliver is second to none. Our professional dog stylists can make your dog look the very best, bringing out their beautiful features and giving your dog a show-quality cut with their talent and experience.


  • Blow-drying: Before the trim, we will thoroughly blow-dry your dog by hand using a special grooming blow dryer. This can take some time as double-coated breeds will need to remove the dead undercoat.
  • Brushing: Before the cut, the hair is brushed to remove any tangles; otherwise, the cut could be uneven and matted fur can even get caught in the clippers. We brush your dog’s coat during and after blow-drying to get the fur tangle-free and remove excess hair.
  • Haircut: We cut the hair down to a particular length using specialized clippers. We use a variety of specialized grooming scissors for different body parts as needed by that breed and hair growth. Careful attention is taken around the eyes and face to ensure a quality cut. We will also clean carefully around your dogs’ eyes to remove any matted dirt around them.
  • Paw Pad Trim: It’s also essential to trim the fur that grows in your dog’s paw pads as a lot of dirt gets trapped here, and small debris picked up from when they are walking. Keeping this area clean can prevent infections and damage to the paw pad.

Is your doggo way overdue for a cut? Call the top dog groomers in Kenya that come to you and allow us to treat your dog to a fantastic spa day, making your doggo look and feel their very best. A clean dog is also a healthy dog.